1940’s to 1960’s era Vintage Front Doors for Ranch and Bungalow Homes

piedmont_a-medA friend of mine renovated his house this past year and was doing it in a retro 1960’s style. As a part of the renovation he wanted to replace his front door that had seen better days. His search around the country for a company that manufactured these types of doors turned up zero results. From there he had to have one custom built.

While having the door made the thought popped into his mind – “I bet there are others just like me that are looking for similar doors.” – as a result of that epiphany Crestview Doors was born.

Crestview Doors manufactures and distributes  1950s to 1960s vintage – mid century – front entrance doors. These are the types of doors that are used on ranch, rambler, and bungalow homes that were built post-war. These modern doors have a vintage look that is a perfect addition to any restoration project.

The main types of doors that they offer are:

  • Modern Ranch/Rambler, Mid-century  – Modern 1950’s and 1960’s
  • Fabulous Fifties – Mid to late 1950’s
  • Post-war Vernacular – Late 1940’s/Early 1950’s

They have over 30 doors to choose from with some great styles so you are bound to find something that will look perfect for your house.