Cool, My New Attic Vent Didn’t Leak

Today we got some much needed rain here in the Austin area. In the last few weeks the weather has been in the high 90’s if not the low 100’s. I was not only thankful that the rain cooled the area off but also because I got to see if my installation of an attic vent went correctly. It did as there were no leaks 🙂 .

At the end of last summer I noticed that our attic storage area would get really hot and muggy, more then it was outside. In looking around I found that there was not adequate ventilation between the storage area and the rest of the attic where there were more vents. The storage area did have 2 vents but they were at waist level. If you bent down to that level you could feel the difference in temperature as it was cooler. I concluded that an additional vent was in order and should be placed at the highest point to allow proper ventilation.

I bought the vent and sealant to install it several months back but was really hesitant about cutting a hole in my roof. I did some searching around and found a video on how to do it which made my feel more confident.

After seeing how easy it was for them to install I set out last week to install it myself.

The install ended up being a whole lot easier then I anticipated. What was interesting about doing the install was that I did it in the morning when it wasn’t that hot, but when I cut the hole in the roof I could feel air coming out. I guess even with minimum heat that area need more ventilation. I ended up using at least half of the tube of sealant to seal everything up as my main concern was that water would leak through the vent.

Later in the day I went into the attic storage area to see if there was any difference in the 100 degree heat. While it was not cool in there it was not any more warm then the lower section of the attic which was the goal. We now had proper airflow! That coupled with today’s rain test makes me feel really good about my roof cutting abilities.

Thanks This Old House!