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More Props on Tinting the Windows of Your House

I took the time this morning to tint two more windows and a door this morning. The project took about 1 1/2 hours and used an entire roll of 3″ x 15″ tint which cost around $35. The location of this morning’s project was the upstairs family room which is center and to the rear of the house which faces east.

As mentioned in my previous posts on window tint the results could be felt immediately. Today is our second day in a row of 90 degree plus weather. Yesterday I noticed that the air conditioned kicked on regularly to try and combat the heat. Even with it kicking on regularly it was still warm in that room. After I finished the tint today it is nice and cool upstairs and down.

With this room done that only leaves the bedroom downstairs and our master bedroom upstairs. Between those two rooms there are still 5 windows to tint. Together I estimate that it will be about $100 to do these rooms.

When it is all said and done I think I will have spent around $400 to tint all the windows in the house. I think I we will see a complete return on investment by the end of this summer which I think is awesome. It certainly is nice to run the air conditioner and not have it kick on all the time.