Spring – Time to Plant Trees – 7 of Them

New Growth on the a Live Oak Tree
New Growth on the a Live Oak Tree

Well we have been at the new house going on a year now and it is now officially spring so I started to put out the feelers to plant some trees in the backyard. As mentioned before we have a second story deck and thus have a pretty nifty view (/sarcasm) of two of our neighbors backyards. I am sure they would like the privacy and I really wanted to give it to them.

I started my tree search first on Craigslist and then went to Home Depot. On Craigslist the prices for a 30 gallon Live Oak ranged from $30 (I know, I thought it was an error too) to $100. I emailed the poster that advertised the $30/30 gallon trees and went to look at Home Depot. Home Depot had their 30 gallon Live Oaks for $125 so I knew that the $30 poster had to have made a mistake.

I got home and checked my email and the $30 poster had replied that he had trees available still and provided his phone number. I called him to confirm the price and indeed the 30 gallon trees were $30. He said that the only thing about them is that they were not quite 2 inches in diameter but more like 1 3/4 inches (I guess a 30 gallon tree is usually 2 inches in diameter as standard). I was blown away! With this pricing I could get a whole bunch of trees.

I asked the guy if he happened to deliver and he said yes along with adding that they would install them as well. All told I ordered 4 Live Oaks, 2 Red Oaks, and a Magnolia tree, delivered and installed for $385.

I asked the guy how come he was practically giving the trees away he stated that he grew them locally and that he would do that ever once in a while to drum up business. Well he definitely got business from me!

The trees were actually installed about 4 weeks ago and they are all doing great with all of the trees producing new growth. I am really pleased with the install and the quality of the trees.

Below are pictures of the trees from a week or two ago.