Video On How to Fine Tune Door Hinges

image I got an email from that had a link to a video on how to fine tune door hinges. It’s funny but I do not remember signing up for emails from them but I am glad that I am getting them anyway.

The first part of the video shows how to reset a hinge by filling the screw holes and re-drilling and remounting the hinge. I had seen this done before so this was not new news to me. The second part of the video (about 3 minutes in) was a little more interesting. In that part he bends the section of the hinge that the pin goes through in order to reduce the gab in a pair of double doors.

The second tip is so simple but I had never thought of doing that before. My youngest son’s door sometimes swells so I think I can use the second method to give it a little more breathing room. I will need to try that out this weekend.

Here is the link to the video – How to Fine Tune Door Hinges