We’re Going to Have Neighbors!

Over the weekend I noticed that a “Sold” sign was placed in the lot that is on our north side. I was excited to see it since a sold sign in an empty lot means that the people are building the house as opposed to the builder building a spec home. Spec homes in our neighborhood remain empty from anywhere to a month to 9 months after they are completed. Having a person waiting for the house next door to be completed is really nice.

Over the weekend we had the first real cold front come in from the north and since currently we do not have a house to our north we felt the brunt of the front’s cold wind. I remember thinking that it would be nice if the people building next door would build the other two story house that our builder offers so that it could shield us from those cold north winds. I stopped by the sales office on Sunday and they told me that indeed they are building that two story house. Wishes do come true.

Now all we need is a neighbor in the lot that is south of us and our section of our block will be completed. There is still both sides of the street around the corner from us that has about 20 lots that hopefully by the end of next year will be finished up. It looks like DR. Horton is still selling anywhere from 2-4 houses a month in our neighbor hood so I would think that is a pretty good estimate. We will see.